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Do I Need Touring Caravan Insurance?
By H Robinson

Insuring your touring caravan under a specific policy is not a legal requirement in the UK, as most car policies will cover you to tow a trailer on your policy on a third party basis. However, this cover will not extend to repairing any damage caused to your caravan in an accident. Nor will it replace your caravan should it be stolen or damaged by fire. If you've invested your savings in the caravan of your dreams, it's a good idea to take out specialist cover should the worst happen.

A specialist touring caravan policy provides peace of mind for caravan owners. You should expect benefits such as "all risks" cover all year round for touring and storage, public liability cover, European cover and emergency accommodation

expenses. Each insurer has different limits for their benefits and will be subject to underwriting criteria.

A lot of policies will also give the option to insure your caravan on a 'new for old' basis where by you will receive a brand new replacement for your caravan should it be stolen or damaged beyond economic repair. You may have to pay extra for this cover, or your provider may provide this as standard.

There are many companies offering caravan insurance, but their policy benefits vary. It is therefore, important to contact several companies and check with each individual insurer what is included in the cover before taking out a policy. Often, if the premium seems too good to be true, it probably is!

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